The missing tool for 21st century organisations
A true 360° Military Grade Secure ERP
Business Process Ecosystem
A unique 360° Ecosystem comprising
An ERP with more than 300 functions
and so much more.
Vertical Market Solutions
Co-creation tools
Blockchain enabled
Safe, Secure and available on Any Device
Any time, Anywhere
Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops and wearable devices

We are Safer, Smarter Enterprising

An extremely affordable, comprehensive cloud ERP ecosystem that is highly scalable, infinitely adaptable, deeply secure and essentially future-proof. Featuring unique processes and technological advancements allowing for the development of 21st century vertical solutions.
Why now?

21st Century Solution

Disruption, Automation, Security, Productivity gaps. Our business environment has never been so complex.

To be relevant in the 21st-century companies realise that they need to harness these forces for greater efficiencies and significant competitiveness.

A pivotal period and new technologies are redefining and empowering us for more agile enterprising

However, due to the complexity and cost of purchase and maintenance, many businesses continue to operate with a range of disjointed 20th Century software which impacts the fluidity of their operations and severely comprises their competitiveness.

What is it?

A 360° ERP and more

We’ve solved this by creating cloudyBoss, an affordable, pay as you grow, comprehensive technologicaly advanced cloud ERP.

By design, it is highly scalable, infinitely adaptable, deeply secure and essentially future-proof. Yet more than an ERP, cloudyBoss is actually a technology-aware ecosystem that unlike legacy ERPs was born in the cloud and as such provides 21st-century solutions.

cloudyBoss is a true-cloud enterprise management ecosystem integrating every feature any client needs.

It is technology aware and intergrates Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain clustering and IoT (Internet of Things) interaction.

Why cloudyBoss?

Packed with Features

Our ERP solution, NEXT+ is natively packed with over 300 SaaS business functions, including MaaS (MultiNational as a Service)  while vertically offering industry-tailored fully customizable solutions such as 360.eldercare, (building management services) and COBRA.

cloudyBoss features end-to-end military-grade encryption exceeding any type of regulative restrictions including the Euro-zone privacy laws or banking standards (PCI) requirements.

While pertinent to most industries, institutional and NFP verticals as well as organizations of all sizes, cloudyBoss products and services are also well suited  to the emergent agile MSEs (Micro Small Enterprises) and individual entrepreneurs.

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Highly Secure Data

Miltary Grade Architecture – Highly resilient real-time-redundancy, virtualised/distributed data repositories

360. Vertical Solutions

Hospitality, Eldercare, Banking, Media, Publishing, Building Managaement, Law, Tourism, Automotive and others

Complete set of 300 Functions

CRMCMS, HR, Accounts, E-commerce and more

True cloud-based Solution

Elastic and flexible native standard technology architecture. Developed from ground up, in the cloud

Advanced Technology

cloudyBoss’s core is embedded with advanced technology such Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as well as our own data modelling and blockchain cluster technology

Research & Development

Our team conducts ongoing R&D into areas such as New quantum algebra, Qubit architecture and Sub-vocalisation/visualisation

Want to see a demo?

cloudyBoss can ensure your company is relevant in the 21st Century.
Introducing SKYE

Blockchain Based Clustering

Little skye

SKYE is a user definable permission-based blockchain cluster facility incorporated in the cloudyBoss ecosystem.  cloudyBoss clients can themselves create any number of rings/clusters, each scalable to an unlimited number of permissioned nodes, all in seconds, no technical skills required.

In fact, it takes no longer than a minute to create a private block-chained secure cluster which can be used to exchange data securely within any group – be it in two organisations or between multiple organisations.

These clusters are referred to as a SKYE (of clouds).


Global Co-Creation Engine

At times, the challenges faced by a particular industry or sector of society are so difficult to solve that they require additional focus, or the inputs of an even broader group of passionate co-creators. cloudyBoss provides additional benefits and rewards for the best contributions made towards solving these challenges.

If you like the idea of unleashing the emergent creative power of large-scale teams to solve otherwise insurmountable conundrums you might want to tackle them using the resources of the community that is the cloudyBoss global co-creation engine.

We call theseHot Challenges


Who we are

Curious. Dynamic. Global. Local. Agile

  Even though we are spread around the world with a presence on every continent, each cloudyBoss team member has the ability to interact and contribute their own skills, experience and expertise.

Adopting this unique mode of working and communicating brings balance to the whole cloudyBoss ecosystem which therefore benefits from both senior perspectives and younger insights.