We're a multi-award winning blockchain development company.

Our hero product NEXT+ is the first in a new category of business management and development platforms that utilise third generation blockchain technology. A completely new type of enterprise solution developed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and generate added value by transforming business models.

Rather than completely replacing legacy systems, NEXT+ is designed to enhance existing solutions thereby reducing costs and improving most processes which amongst many include Supply Chain, Customer/Product Tracking and Secure Document Sharing.

Whilst NEXT+ compliments all legacy systems, it also provides access to new integrated technologies which in turn mean new opportunities, cost savings and new revenue streams. These technologies and include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT (Internet of Things).

In addition NEXT+’s operational efficiency also provides relief on capital requirements. It does this by removing the intermediaries and/or the administrative effort of record keeping and transactional reconciliation, for example by taking advantage of the built in Ultra Smart Contracts feature. These new processes shift the flow of value by capturing lost revenues, thereby creating new revenues.

No matter the size or sector NEXT+ can empower your company through blockchain.

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