About Us

Who and what we're all about

Take two wide eyed and curious kids from multi-cultural backgrounds, see them grow up through the fastest changing era in technological history (think vinyl to digital; rotary dial to mobile; mainframe to cloud), throw in a curiosity for what makes absolutely everything tick and a hard-wired passion for people, and you’re looking at the two founders of cloudyBoss, Giovanni Di Noto (CTO) and Lou Schillaci (CEO)  seen below amongst a crowd at a recent blockchain event in Lithuania)

Yes, the names are European and the families are too – both sets of parents choosing the less structured southern hemisphere environment as the place for their families to grow.

The end result: two young multi-lingual guys, from traditional backgrounds embracing their free-spirited, land-of-opportunity home, Australia; enjoying surfing the rise and rise of every major technology as it crested and unfolded in their young lifetime.

In this brave new world they learned all about being bold, survival of the fittest and daring to be different – the key foundations they each took into their respective business and technology successes.

But most importantly, in this post-war, new frontier, ever-changing landscape, what did they both learn? Resilience, foresight, applicability.


And as they travelled and worked around the world, what influenced them the most? The element that is true to all things, particularly technology, disruption.

The ability to foresee, respond and embrace disruption at an organisational level is what these two know best. It was inevitable that they meet. That they harvest the best of their international business and technology experiences; that they bring together an amazing team from all corners of the globe and get busy with creating ‘the next big thing’….cloudyBoss.


Whilst other technology companies hone and shine their latest future-proofing organisational tool, cloudyBoss has gone to the source of every organisations’ disruption, its people.

How people work, where and when they work has all changed, and cloudyBoss has emerged as the missing tool to facilitate, harness and support a very different kind of workforce, one that is immediately global, comprehensively resourced and always connected.

In essence it is a low cost cloud-based integrated blockchained enterprise management solution, but at its heart it is a 360° ecosystem that is as broad-based, diverse and flexible as the people who use it.


The award winning cloudyBoss team is ‘walking the talk’ and is itself representative of the new style of workforce that is emerging.

Team members’ skill sets, where they are located and how they contribute to the enterprise is varied, distinct and valued. They operate comfortably in their own elastic virtual space and the end result is an organisation that is lean yet vastly abundant and productive.