cloudyBoss Omni-currency Banking Rotation Account

COBRA  is an intelligent multi-currency banking solution. One of many industry-tailored solutions developed and in this case integrated within the cloudyBoss EDLT (Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology) called NEXT+ and available to all cloudyBoss users.

Should a user choose to activate the COBRA function and become a COBRA member, COBRA can track and display all of the member’s external bank account information, e.g., balances and transactions.

COBRA features its own native multi-currency payment system that allows members to transfer money, pay vendors or receive funds into their secure online account. It is a cashless, risk-free, international banking account that has the added benefit of generating passive income from its built-in AI-based (Artificial Intelligence based on the cloudyBoss AI engine called AnIma*) forex trading, functionality.


COBRA is designed for individuals and businesses that either operate or wish to operate globally online. It provides what only very large international banks traditionally offer major corporates – a multi-currency account with foreign exchange and trading capabilities.

Virtually all individuals and small businesses struggle to open this kind of account, which forces them into more expensive banking options and/or inhibits them from expanding their international business. Equally, many smaller banks can’t offer this kind of product because of the associated risks and regulative compliance which, in turn, also inhibits their global expansion.

cloudyBoss, which powers COBRA, is natively multi-currency, allowing businesses to have bank accounts in the countries where they trade. As an entity’s funds move between banks, COBRA’s intuitive foreign exchange function also finds the most favourable rates, creating ongoing passive income. A COBRA member can allocate a specific amount for COBRA to work with on the foreign exchange market and it does so 24/7. This amount can be insured to prevent the loss of the allocated sum in case of an unforeseen market fluctuation.

COBRA has an inbuilt accounting system which importantly, for any size business, cuts down on time-consuming bank reconciliations. For the banks, COBRA provides already-verified members, which eliminates the multitude of potential security risks normally associated with new customers.


Every cloudyBoss user has the COBRA facility available. They simply turn on the functionality in their NEXT+ software. It is an integrated multi-currency component of the NEXT+ accounting system which facilitates reconciliation and reporting. If activated, a cloudyBoss user can also be a verified COBRA member which means they can open an account with any bank that is part of the COBRA worldwide network, without further security checks or additional paperwork.

COBRA can be used for everyday banking, similarly to internet banking from a computer or mobile phone. It is available 24/7, from any device, to check account balances, transfer between accounts, pay vendors (using a wide range of payment methods) and receive funds. All of a member’s accounts, whether they are with COBRA member banks or not, can be viewed online, in one place. If a member’s own bank is not a COBRA member bank then transfers would be done similarly to the EFT transactions they do now.

Each member can also check at a glance how much money COBRA has earned them, in foreign exchange transactions, up until the current day and how much it estimates it will earn them tomorrow. COBRA adheres to the banking regulations that govern each bank and seeks out the most favourable conditions for foreign exchange.

A COBRA member can allocate funds specifically for foreign exchange. COBRA analyses real-time data – business, economic and social indicators – to determine how, where and when to trade currency on your behalf. As the original sum is insured it can never be lost over the course of the transactions.


COBRA opens new doors in banking:

  • – for customers who traditionally have difficulty opening a bank account or a bank account in another country
    – for banks who can’t typically accept customers from other countries and/or that can’t offer a multi-currency product.
  • COBRA simplifies members’ business banking by integrating it directly into their accounting system. Each COBRA member is pre-qualified to use any of the banks in the international COBRA network.
  • There is little or no cost for international money transfers as members receive client payments in their own currency and pay vendors in theirs.
  • Members can check all their bank accounts via COBRA 24/7 from any mobile device.

COBRA is also a cost and risk-free self-managed income facility continuously generating passive revenues on the member’s behalf 24/7 year round.

AnIma * : AnIma, meaning ‘true self’ or ‘soul’, is the Artificial Intelligence engine of the cloudyBoss banking application, COBRA.

Traditional AI is used to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence and it does this by a construction of statistical data and algorithms. It is therefore inherently soul-less, which cloudyBoss seeks to overturn with AnIma.

cloudyBoss is technology for humans. It is technology that supports humans in their daily lives – reducing risk, assisting with tasks, increasing care, minimising stress and optimising efficiency.

AnIma, or ‘AI with Soul’ does not seek to automate or reduce the role of humans. It ensures humans retain their function, by interacting with and performing functions, that are initiated by humans.

There are seven AI components within COBRA that respond to human commands in order to deliver the multi-faceted banking and self-reliant income facility.

SKYE ** : a single permission-based blockchain DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) cluster facility incorporated in the cloudyBoss ecosystem.  cloudyBoss clients can themselves create any number of rings/clusters, each scalable to an unlimited number of permissioned nodes, all in seconds, no technical skills required.

In fact, it takes no longer than a minute to create a private DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) secure cluster which can be used to exchange data securely within any group – be it in two organisations or between multiple organisations. These clusters are referred to as a SKYE (of rings).