An ecosystem for 21st Century Business

Today’s businesses are both agile and wide in scope with a more pronounced focus on survival of the fittest strategies. They have high efficiency, scalability and elasticity requirements, far more acute than the needs of their 19th and 20th century predecessors, hence there are significant opportunities for visionary Enterprise Software tailored to the 21st century.

NEXT+ has emerged as that missing tool. A low cost, comprehensive, efficient, cloud-based, sophisticated and functionally integrated enterprise management solution.

Our flexible architecture provides segregated data with each client operating within their own elastic virtual space. This, coupled with scalability based on MOM (message oriented middleware), ensures that the underlying infrastructure is seamlessly elastic, both upwards and downwards.

We know organisations require consistency and availability from their software. Each team member needs an always-on, always-available platform to use from all devices. In turn this needs to be integrated across the organisation to allow for free-flowing communication, sharing of information and a unified approach to their clients.

With NEXT+ you enter the information once and it is available at any time across multiple devices.

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