Flexible Architecture

Is it just a fanciful marketing phrase?

The IT industry is full of boastful jargon; “Cutting Edge”, “State of the Art”, “Curated Data” to name a few. So, why would the cloudyBoss claim of  “Flexible Architecture” be any different?

The entire NEXT+ ecosystem, is based on and is made possible by the elastic and scalable nature of our very own infrastructure. This flexible architecture is based on a retrospective analysis of the evolution of enterprise systems and the introduction of the EDLT now serving emerging business requirements.

Our products are designed to respond to change, to connect people, processes, data and things in an intelligent way and to enable new business models and make better decisions.

Let’s examine the notion more closely;


Feature Benefit
Segregated data with each client operating within their own elastic virtual space Enhanced security and ability to tailor infrastructure requirements as needed
Infrastructure scalability Base package (1/1Gb storage/bandwidth) is oversized to cover 99% of clients with ability to geo-fence and differentiate functionally – geographically and by time when scaling up or down
Scalability based on MOM (message oriented middleware) Cost-effectiveness for client via underlying elastic infrastructure allocation both upwards and downwards and uniform experience for end-users with enhanced automated peak performance management
DNA-based data model providing application architecture flexibility Shorter software lifecycles and greater adaptability to changing environment and faster updates
Powerful meta-systems Accelerated software lifecycle and new release deployment at a higher level of quality
Ongoing engineering research in areas of AI P2P (peer-to-peer) environment (web 4.0 ready) and smarter infrastructure (IoT/automation and robotics ready)

Rather than another empty marketing phrase, our Fexible Architecture and its underpinning technology delivers the right products and fit for every business, no matter its size, scope or trajectory.