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Have you ever considered quitting your job and starting your own business? If so, you’ve probably wondered when to put in your two-week notice. Some common questions include:

1. How many months of expenses should I have saved?
2. How far along should my business be?
3. How will I make money?

A couple years ago, I was struggling to answer these questions. Today, I am the CEO and founder of my dream company. Has it been easy? Not at all. Has it been pretty? Definitely not. Do I regret it? Not in a lifetime.

There is no perfect time to start a business. It’s common to hear success stories of entrepreneurs becoming millionaires overnight. However, what you won’t read about are the tireless nights, multiple failures and constant hustle that it took to get there.

The Perfect Time Does Not Exist

There is no perfect time to quit your job and start a company. The fact is, no business can be 100% prepared for what’s to come. If you answer the above questions today, in a month or two your answers may be completely different. The most important thing that you can do is keep an open mind. Listen to the feedback that your customers provide and be willing to adapt when necessary.

Personally, I have changed just about everything there is to change in my business. I have changed pricing, the company logo, website design and even our office location. These changes are not exclusive to small-business owners. Many of the world’s largest companies experienced similar changes.

I went from charging $20 in 2015 for a basic service that included me applying to jobs on behalf of clients to $100 in 2016 for a slightly more complex service. In 2017, we listened to feedback from customers to find out what was missing and learned that interview training would be a huge value-add. After adding interview training and a few other features, our service jumped to an average of $1,500. Since 2015, we have added over 40 new features (recommended by customers), completely remodeled our website, and we now comfortably charge an average of $8,000 per customer.

Don’t get too attached to any one idea and don’t be afraid of change. Every great entrepreneur is able to roll with the changes and adapt to meet the needs of their customers.

Plan Less, Do More

The secret to starting a business is to plan less and do more. The longer you spend planning your exit, the less time you are spending on building your business. I firmly believe that there is no greater contributor to success than failure. The best way to become an expert at something is to practice. No amount of planning or preparation will ever come close to real life experiences.

The best way to grow and develop a business is not to research and plan. It is to do and fail. If failing is something you cannot handle, starting a business is not for you.

Get Used To Being Uncomfortable

When I first started my company, things were not glamorous by any means. I took a $70,000 pay cut, I moved four times in one year, I worked 80-plus hour weeks, my business partner quit, I acquired $40,000 in debt and I changed the game plan over 20 times. You simply can’t plan for these sorts of events. Change is bound to happen. The best way to find out what works is to find out what doesn’t work.

Your Time Is Now

I promise that there is no better time than the present to get started building your business. I quit my job with $5,000 in the bank and two customers who each paid $20 for my service. I had no plan regarding how I would make more money, pay rent or feed myself.

After a few months, I ended up relocating to a lower cost of living location and signing up on Upwork to find freelance writing gigs to fund my business. The situation that I put myself in had forced me to work 10 times harder than I ever had, playing a huge factor in my current success.

Since quitting my job, I have had the privilege of failing more times in three years than the rest of my entire life combined. Starting a business has not been easy, but I have loved every second of it. Come join me!

Courtesy of Mike Podeston – First seen here https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2018/05/02/the-perfect-time-to-quit-your-job-and-start-a-business

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