Co-Creation Engine


The cloudyBoss NEXT+ ecosystem also facilitates the co-creation of solutions to problems wherever they occur in the world.

This is a unique way of addressing the need for a new application, resource or service by challenging the people in the cloudyBoss network – be it users, partners, clients, providers etc – to devise a solution. This system distinguishes cloudyBoss  and serves as an industry benchmark.

At the core of this sits the concept of Hot Challenges. These bring together the talents and resources of currently segmented communities – clients, users, content developers and software architects. They act as a liaison between all these groups and unite them in new building new functionalities.

Our co-creation engagement platform integrates both demand and supply chains – i.e. when there’s a demand from someone in the cloudyBoss network for a module that facilitates a process then a Hot Challenge is issued to create a solution. This is then shared through the cloudyBoss network.

These challenges may be radical and even disruptive, as they are stirred by ongoing research and industry demand. Inevitably this will assist difficult domains to create software that is completely future forward in nature.

This platform works well as a response to social media demands but of course is not limited to only social media use.

Previous Hot Challenges
  • Textile Distribution
  • Video Walk-on Presentations
  • Health Care Methodology

Want to issue a Hot Challenge and create a solution?  Contact us or call your nearest cloudyBoss Sales Partner.