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Internationally Based Interns Wanted


Attracting and retaining talented business, creative or engineering resources is key to the survival of technology corporations and most other business entities.

Organizations may have sound functionality and even sophisticated technology, yet, irrespective of size or capabilities, they will struggle to survive if they fail to solve the resources conundrum, and sufficiently insulate themselves against exposure to industrial risks such as poor code quality etc.

cloudyBoss’ unique organizational model is directly derived from the hard-learned lessons in talent management of engineers, creatives and executives. cloudyBoss has opted for a self-managing, virtual organizational model and operates under a lean, agile and elastic context. This means it is a culturally diverse, balanced, hands-on, international team that is involved directly at the engagement front-line. The cloudyBoss team works together with clients, power-users, investors, sponsors, partners and content developers.

cloudyBoss recognizes that sophisticated quality code constitutes its lifeblood and understands that the traditional software industry and conventional quality control models are as last century as the remuneration rationales and ultimately that they are unsustainable in the long-term.

Acknowledging the close ties between code ownership/creative processes and quality, cloudyBoss follows a model borrowed from the publishing and music industries, in addition to a tailored generous stock option scheme, both software engineers and valued contributors enjoy ongoing returns for the entire lifetime usage of their code, content or business inputs, rather than any one-off/ghost-writing fee.

This elastic supply approach to intellectual equity decouples product prices from costs, allowing professionals to turn skills and concepts into real assets that deliver high return passive income long into the future.  At the same time, this model delivers extremely competitive and sophisticated market solutions with greater execution speed, high code accuracy, quality and performance.


Duration from 4 to 12 months depending on intern’s own time allocation (Full-time or % Part-time)

Coding Skills Required

Theory and/or practical knowledge on any or all of the following disciplines:

• client-side cloud coding (HTML5 / CSS3 / Android / iOS / JQUERY / Angular JS / API’s / Bootstrap)
• server-side cloud coding (LAMP environment, git-based SDLC)
• Hyper-Ledger libraries (B2B block and shadow chains)
• Advanced OOP principles
• API coding

What to expect

Undertaking an internship with cloudyBoss typically means:

• Undergoing a friendly and flexible onboarding and training process on our native technology framework and SDLC procedures together with a mentor over the first 4 weeks from the start of the internship.
• This first 4-weeks phase brings interns up to speed with cloudyBoss technology stack while being coached/advised on a variety of topics depending on interns’ needs and strengthening any skills with which they might have some gaps or need a refresher with (example: cloud software development, object-oriented programming, etc.). Knowledge transfer occurs via presentations, demos, code review and desk research.
• Early on during this first phase, interns’ areas of interest are defined across any of the cloudyBoss NEXT+ platform functional modules or any of its vertical solutions for specific industries.
• Interns take then ownership of a specific code development project (typically a few use cases for 1 agile cycle across 1 module) and work hands-on on real technical material with constant support from their mentor: this phase equates to a real and highly valuable first IT professional experience.
• All along this period, interns are assisted whenever needed via regular online catch-up meetings, typically once a week. The English language is used throughout the entire internship in order to further enhance interns’ proficiency with this language. Tasks, as well as internship length, are flexibly scaled in such a way they do not impact interns’ academic and other commitments.
• On internship completion, depending on outcomes, interns gain all relevant and sought-after cloudyBoss certifications (typically cB1, cB4 and cB5 or more) free of charge.
• Most importantly, cloudyBoss gauges then the intern’s interest in pursuing a longer-term relationship with the organisation and, if relevant, backdates the commencement of the relationship to the start date of the internship to maximize benefits attached to partnering with cloudyBoss under an APEASE contract (APEASE = Agreement Partners, Executives and Software Engineers. Learn about APEASE) :-
Why we are different

The cB (cloudyBoss) internship program differs from others for the following reasons:

The program is scaled to meet each intern’s specific circumstances with duration of either 4 (Full-time), 8 (1/2 Part-time) or 12 months (1/3 Part-time) depending on the time allocated to the program.

cloudyBoss is a virtual enterprise with open spaces around the world and regular meetups. Interns define how, when and where they work, typically remotely at hours matching their needs.

Costs / Value
The program is delivered free of charge to interns and, depending on outcomes, might result in work references and certifications with a cumulated value above US$ 4,000

Hands-on education
• cloudyBoss will develop and/or strengthen the intern’s skills in object-oriented coding, advanced agile cloud software development, blockchain eco-systems;
• the intern will be exposed to direct real-life code development scenarios on some of the most leading-edge technology around;
• the intern will be involved in exciting technology research and development such as AI, IoT, web 4.0 and other domains (cB technology backbone is explained @;
• cloudyBoss will develop the intern’s English, business and “soft” skills (across any functional domains or industry verticals the intern might be interested in, or those the intern might seek advice on);
• beyond real-world hands-on professional experience, the intern’s technical outputs will be backdated to the start of your internship would a post-internship relationship with cloudyBoss under APEASE be pursued

At the end of the internship, the intern might be eligible (at no costs) for one or more (depending on preferences and professional choices) cB accreditations
(more on cB certifications:-
Who we are

cloudyBoss is a cloud start-up backed by IBM (via the largest cloud infrastructure
in the world with 40+ data centres worldwide) which has been running in stealth
mode for the past 5 years building its native backbone technology stack and
platforms from the ground up, closely working with a few initial pilot clients,
and now gradually opening up to broader global markets by promoting the cB
B2B platform worldwide via a growing team of partners.cloudyBoss main platform,
NEXT+ is a leading-edge cloud-based EDLT (Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology)
ecosystem which is changing the “way we work”. cloudyBoss line-up of initiatives
also includes cloud and software services, organisational transformation and
change management programs, as well as start-up accelerations.

Our products

cloudyBoss provides 3 B2B baseline products: NEXT+ (a comprehensive
block-chainable cloud-based enterprise management solution for 21st century
organisations), HORIZON+ (a range of managed services solutions based on
NEXT+ which take the complexity out of global business for SME’s) and OT
(a smart organizational transformation program leveraging NEXT+ designed for
large organisations seeking to streamline, virtualize and automate their operations).

Our clients

cloudyBoss operates with the healthcare, food (including AgTech), energy,
building, mobility, textile, cosmetics and smart cities sectors while expanding
to other verticals. Clients use products and services for different reasons
depending on their segment; large multinationals take their corporate start-up
program to the next level and fast-track their dematerialization, automation and
disruptive transformation agendas; incubators/investors aim to neutralize the
early ventures’ premature scaling issue, increase their success rate and shorten
the I2I (Idea-to-IPO) payback time; global SME’s seek solutions to integration pain
points by replacing heterogeneous, disjointed, stand-alone apps with the
1-stop-shop low-cost NEXT+ solution; local SME’s look to sustainably expand via
our platforms and solutions without the logistics and taxation costs and
complexities of today’s international trade; start-ups wish to turn their big ideas
into global businesses virtually overnight while maintaining costs down without
compromising scalability.

Modus Operandi

Organization-wise, cloudyBoss is fully virtualized and lean. All partners
(business, technology and all other areas) operate under an APEASE contract
(Agreement – Partners, Executives and Software Engineers) developed over the
years to respond to the limitations of Intellectual Property and Licensing rights
on the one hand, and the free-riding pitfalls of “Open Source” world on the other
hand. More on APEASE @ 

cB baseline platform NEXT+ is composed of various applications categorized
into 3 segments (horizontal, vertical and meta-systems). Horizontal components
are cB-Be (Backend app used by all clients to manage their respective discrete
database node) and cB-Fe (Frontend app deployed with each of our client
sites/apps). cB-Be is built around functional modules covering everything a
modern enterprise would expect to access via their enterprise management
system. SDLC is agile articulating around git and a 4-months cycle (January-April,
May-August, September-December).


The technical foundations underpinning all our apps encompasses areas such as
cloud coding (server and client-side scripting, typically LAMP / HTML5 / CSS3 /
Android / iOS / JQUERY / Angular JS / API’s / Bootstrap), Hyper-Ledger libraries
(blockchain/shadow chain for B2B), MOM (Message Oriented Middleware)
architecture, API’s with elastic O/s and infrastructure and advanced OOP principles

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