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Attracting and retaining talented business, creative or engineering resources is key to the survival of technology corporations and most other business entities.

Organizations may have sound functionality and even sophisticated technology, yet, irrespective of size or capabilities, they will struggle to survive if they fail to solve the resources conundrum, and sufficiently insulate themselves against exposure to industrial risks such as poor code quality etc.

cloudyBoss’ unique organizational model is directly derived from the hard-learned lessons in talent management of engineers, creatives and executives. cloudyBoss has opted for a self-managing, virtual organizational model and operates under a lean, agile and elastic context. This means it is a culturally diverse, balanced, hands-on, international team that is involved directly at the engagement front-line. The cloudyBoss team works together with clients, power-users, investors, sponsors, partners and content developers.

cloudyBoss recognizes that sophisticated quality code constitutes its life blood and understands that the traditional software industry and conventional quality control models are as last century as the remuneration rationales and ultimately that they are unsustainable in the long-term.

Acknowledging the close ties between code ownership and quality, cloudyBoss follows a software development model borrowed from the publishing and music industries, In addition to a tailored generous stock option scheme, both software engineers and valued contributors enjoy ongoing returns for the entire lifetime usage of their code, content or business inputs, rather than any one-off/ghost-writing fee.

This elastic supply approach to intellectual equity decouples product prices from costs, allowing professionals to turn skills and concepts into real assets that deliver high return passive income long into the future.  At the same time this model delivers extremely competitive and sophisticated market solutions with greater execution speed, high code accuracy, quality and performance.

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