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cloudyBoss constantly engages with both global and local organizations, that are at the forefront of their industry. The are best-of-breed providers that comply with the highest levels of governance. They provide cloudyBoss, its certified partners and broad base of clients with leading-edge, socially and environmentally responsible solutions across a wide range of categories.

cloudyBoss undertakes these partnerships in a variety of mutually beneficial arrangements that are both tailored and flexible. These include joint promotions, special offers, bartering deals and/or ongoing direct supply.

The range of product categories within any of the markets cloudyBoss operates is wide and open. It includes conventional and organic electronics, telecommunications, 3D/4D manufacturing, IoT/IoE technologies  and a wide range of equipment and product solutions pertaining to industry verticals, such as the food industry, hospitality, healthcare, eldercare, childcare, textile, building construction and others.

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