Legal Terms

All you need to know


cloudyBoss operates under a set of governance and legal instruments designed to clarify our multi-tier engagement with markets and protect each party in the nexus of relationships that forms the cloudyBoss Ecosystem..

Given its wide geographical scope, cloudyBoss legal framework derives from international laws.

There are 5 core sets of intertwined global terms underpinning the entire cloudyBoss legal framework, each focusing on a particular aspect or set of interaction between cloudyBoss and other organizations or individuals:

  1. Terms of sales | these terms underpin the purchase and usage by organizations and individuals of cloudyBoss products and services
  2. Terms of use | these terms underpin your usage of this website
  3. Privacy | these terms underpin our usage of your private information
  4. Software license | these terms underpin your usage of the cloudyBoss operative platforms such as the CB-BE back-end solution
  5. APEASE (Agreement Partners, Entrepreneurs And Software Engineers) | these terms underpin the, at times multi-dimensional, relationship between cloudyBoss and its partners, senior executives, engineers and individual entrepreneurs or organizations operating under a HORIZON license
  6. Cookie Policy | What cookies we collect and how we use that information

Aside from these 6 sets of terms, other addendums might occasionally account for specific local regulations and manifest themselves within the narrower scope of a particular relationship with a client, partner or other type of party to an agreement with cloudyBoss.