APEASE is a smart agreement that encapsulates the relationship between cloudyBoss and parties to which it is connected.

It describes the manner in which services, skills and supplies are exchanged and remunerated. The arrangement most closely resembles royalty agreements as exist in the music and publishing industries, where the ‘Artist’ (Supplier) is remunerated on a proportional, and often-times ongoing, basis.

An example is a software writer – who for the initial contribution they make to cloudyBoss, as well as its ongoing management and upkeep – is rewarded proportionally for the part their software plays in the entire ecosystem, for as long as it is utilised and current.

cloudyBoss update 2018

Since this video came out two years ago here’s what the cloudyBoss team has been up to. – We’ve completed our eDLT (Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology) platform and it’s loaded with so many features.

It is a true 360-degree cloud-based enterprise management platform that horizontally integrates over 300 functions, and it is multi-lingual, software as a service, always-on, always-available on any device. – And it incorporates many new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), all of which provide new tools for businesses to deal with disruption, automation, security and productivity gaps.

COBRA  is an intelligent multi-currency banking solution. One of many industry-tailored solutions developed and in this case intergrated within the cloudyBoss ecosystem’s eDLT called NEXT+ and available to all cloudyBoss users.

Should a user choose to activate the COBRA function and become a COBRA member, COBRA can track and display all of the member’s external bank account information, e.g., balances and transactions.

COBRA features its own native multi-currency payment system that allows members to transfer money, pay vendors or receive funds into their secure online account. It is a cashless, risk-free, international banking account that has the added benefit of generating passive income from its built-in AI-based forex trading, functionality.

Discover the innovations behind cloudyBoss.

Developed around custom architecture, utilising agile methodology and collaborative development, cloudyBoss delivers an extensive range of features and continued innovation. Innovation that comes not only from creating software that is wide in scope but also from the notion that we too need to be resilient and future proof.

Great recent chat with cloudyBoss CEO Lou Schillaci and Founder/Chairman Giovanni Di Noto about the company’s unique organisational model (aka APEASE), as well many other topics du jour within the large-scale cloud software sector, ranging from block chain to millennial cliff and the rationale underpinning an unconventional break-through corporate tax strategy.

This short video provides an overview of the cloudyBoss organisation, its enterprise platform solutions and unique services. A must-see to get deep insights on the cloudyBoss company.

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