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Seize the opportunity and define the role you want to play. Irrespective of your location and native language, cloudyBoss offers certifications programs and business partnership opportunities for organizations with experience in any (or a combination) of the following disciplines:

Strategic consulting services (road maps, business planning and other related services)
Change/Project implementation management and graphical design services
Integrated digital marketing services including content marketing
On-demand executive and country management
Warehouse and logistics management
Operational front line services

Business training services including:

  • Project/change management (how to successfully implement a cloud enterprise system?)
  • Customer engagement (how to successfully engage with markets and clients online?)
  • Customer support (how to successfully support clients anywhere?)

Platform training services including:

  • cloudyBoss ERM (best practice in modern market engagement techniques and cloudyBoss engagement engine)
  • cloudyBoss CMS (best practice in content management and cloudyBoss content management engine)
  • cloudyBoss eCOM (best practice in electronic commerce and cloudyBoss eCommerce engine)
  • cloudyBoss administration (best practice in enterprise management and cloudyBoss ERP)
  • cloudyBoss advanced (advanced cloud coding techniques and cloudyBossunique technology)


Start a conversation with cloudyBoss today about how to join a growing community of passionate service providers, technologists and professionals. Start converting your skills into real assets that keep on delivering high returns long into the future, and boost your services with a new source of leads and revenues.