Hot Challenges : Get involved and get rewarded

One of cloudyBoss’ innovations is our products and services co-creation engine, a forum of rich ongoing interactions with highly engaged market stakeholders from all horizons, industries, professions and walks of life.

cloudyBoss serves and supports smarter enterprising, binding great ideas to leading-edge expertise and capabilities and applying powerful co-creation principles, communities of passion and high levels of engagement to efficiently solve social and market needs, challenges and requirements.

This cohesive mass approach to product and service design underpins cloudyBoss modus operandi, and provides brands with unique additional opportunities to engage and interact with their markets in innovative ways.

For example, businesses can sponsor a  Hot Challenge which is a challenge faced by a particular industry or sector of society. The cloudyBoss extended global team will pioneer solutions to this challenge and in return the innovators will receive additional benefits and rewards for the best contributions made towards solving these challenges.

Start a conversation with cloudyBoss today to explore how sponsorship opportunities can unleash the emergent creative power of large-scale passionate teams and position your business right at the core of highly effective market engagement frameworks.