The Startospheric Accelerator Program

No matter how high you’re aiming….. how far you’re reaching….. or how fast you expect to grow, we’re with you. Whether you’re flying at lightning speed or just taking it step by step, we’re beside you on the journey.

Our job is to fuel your start-up with an EDLT (Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology) powered full and scalable set of corporate-class tools including every traditional feature any startup needs. Called NEXT+ it is natively packed with over 300 SaaS business functions, including MaaS (MultiNational as a Service) and functionality such as AI, IoT and ML, Blockchain embedded and available throughout most NEXT+ modules.

What else?

On top of that NEXT+ includes unique processes and technological advancements such as the 4th generation private blockchain protocol, SKYE. It allows for the fast (less than one minute, no coding required) creation of private blockchain clusters that easily connect two or more companies in a secure blockchain ring allowing the immutable sharing of many business functions and digital assets and processes such as Smart Contracts etc

All this provided at a considerable subsidy of up to 100%.

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