Technology & Methodology

What's behind cloudyBoss?
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The NEXT+ ecosystem was built ground up to provide any organisation of any size with all the back office business tools required to compete on a global scale. With no installation costs, maintenance fees or upgrade costs it is extremely affordable.

It is driven by user-requested changes, not vendor-driven allowing for faster response to market changes. It negates the need for legacy interfaces and complex data entry GUIs by introducing our own (NUI) Natural User Interface which equates to zero-training before use.

All reporting is done by way of AI-driven push insights and not complex and difficult to interpret PULL reporting.

There is no need for workstations nor office desks as cloudyBoss can be very easily utilised on any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, PC and soon Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality glasses.

The NEXT+ EDLT features our unique technologies such as ANIMA ( Artificial Intelligence Engine), SKYE (Distributed Ledger Technology) and KEYSTONE (DNA data model) all which enable our client’s businesses to remain highly adaptive, technology-aware and therefore future-proof.


Beyond strict multi-level granular authentication and audited control, security features highly in the entire end-to-end data chain, from user to repository. With true-cloud browser architecture, applications have natively reduced risk exposures compared to conventional vulnerabilities.

NEXT+ resides in military-grade, access-restricted, globally distributed data centres with built-in-redundancy. It is designed for remote flexible collaboration:  the built-in security standards are higher than compared to office-centric apps.  All applications use systematic end-to-end military-grade encryption from the browser to the data storage.

This extends to its SKYE blockchain technology via immutable permission-based EDLT distributed-blockchain hyper-ledgers, neutralising data risks with conventional APIs.

NEXT+’s unique multi-node architecture allows it to shift conventional cyber-defence and anti-penetration mechanisms to pervasive neutralisation processes.

As a result of its multifaceted end-to-end security framework, and considering the nature of many of its clients and partners such as banks and international governments, cloudyBoss continuously complies with, innovates on and exceeds the most stringent security standards worldwide.


Scale-wise, independent client data nodes means full and modular infrastructure elasticity at the node level. The cloudyBoss NEXT+ stack is built upon a virtual machine layer isolating it from metal considerations and allowing auto-scaling depending on each client needs, it has an oversized baseline capacity.

Such smart-infrastructure network is complemented by a separate grid of servers facilitated by an independent global provider for sporadic high-demand FaaS-based processing bursts.
A separate global grid is used for email communications in order to isolate potential reputational risks.

Elasticity pervades to other dimensions such as cloudyBoss organisational model “APEASE” (see video above) which also guarantees high software quality, a quintessential security measure. Our unique data model, KEYSTONE makes it size-neutral, meaning it can infinitely scale without any impact on performance.


In the same way, SKYE blockchain is embedded at core level into our data model, NEXT+ has an embedded API engine allowing each of its 85+ functional modules to easily integrate with any external application, monitoring or support tools.

The API engine is closely integrated with ETL functions as well as cloudyBoss responsive and Omni-client architecture which optimises in real time speed of execution by automatically switching and adapting to any type of browser-server MVC model, be it client or server based.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, cloudyBoss 360° API engine makes it an ideal candidate solution to the challenge brought by heterogeneous blockchain clusters, allowing it to act as a meta-system by easily building bridges between Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, SKYE, Hyper-Ledger or other types of blockchain based eco-systems