cloudyBoss Accreditation

cloudyBoss enterprise solutions (NEXT+ and HORIZON+) are complemented by a range of cloudyBoss educational, implementation and operational accreditation courses.

cloudyBoss clients can book off-the-shelf pre-designed CB training modules, or request a quote for on-demand tailored consulting services to fulfill any more specific needs, Such requests will be thoroughly answered by cloudyBoss-selected certified partners.

Irrespective of your location and native language, cloudyBoss offers the following series of certifications programs.


cB1 Certification - Basis + Configuration
cB2 Certification - Basis + Content + Engagement
cB3 Certification - Basis + Enterprise Resources Planning
cB4 Certification - Technology | CB-BE application
cB5 Certification - Technology | CB-FE application + CSS


To learn more about cloudyBoss Accrediation  contact our training team.