Verical Market Modules - The 360 Solutions.

The industry tailored solutions developed  within the cloudyBoss NEXT+ ecosystem, such as Edlercare 360,  are created in a multi-faceted approach with input from the person in need of the solution and any other third party that may be a supplier of part of the solution. The resulting product can be then offered as a new module globally throughout the cloudyBoss network.

To achieve the best result cloudyBoss uses its three tiers of elasticity:

  1. Talent
  2. Technology
  3. Infrastructure

This system asymmetrically decouples costs from scope, i.e. costs are dramatically reduced because the way of doing business (no matter how big the scope of your business is) is always the same.

Coding quality and solutions are superior because they are so much wider in scope (to cater for all countries, languages, platforms etc), at prices 30 times more affordable than its nearest competitors.

Our service is available online anywhere and locally fulfilled by a selected network of certified partners.

cloudyBoss also incorporates systems and managed services, including marketing, sales, operations, accounting, legal, and strategy and is an ideal platform to drive your ideas from start-up to stardom.

To learn more about our Market Modules or any other cloudyBoss solution contact our pre-sales team or call your nearest cloudyBoss sales partner.