What exactly is cloudyBoss?

Elastic and Flexible EDLT Architecture

After several years of research and development our team has created an innovative, elastic and flexible architecture called NEXT+.  Read on to find out how you can use this technology.

Then we developed

Functional Modules

A baseline of closely interwoven meta-systems and over 300 horizontal functions, the platform is encapsulated in six core modules

Now we create

Vertical Market Modules - The 360 Series of Solutions

Our clients and entire industries drive the direction of our tailored solutions suited to vertical markets. Their requirements are met using our elastic, flexible 360° architecture

First we created

A 360°­ Ecosystem

Our team spent several years doing research to develop an innovative, elastic and flexible ecosystem built on agile development practices called NEXT+

Then we added

MaaS. Multi-national as a service

First to market, cloudyBoss’ MaaS solution called Horizon+  facilitates all communication, calculations and operations being conducted in line within the real terms  of the social, physical and financial resources required to operate in that market

And together WE create

Innovative Solutions

CloudyBoss’ innovative co-creation engine is a unique multi-pronged program solving problems wherever they occur in the world.  By challenging the people in the cloudyBoss network – users, partners, clients, providers – together we devise a solution. We call these programs, “Hot Challenges” 

cloudyBoss is the world’s first cloud-based EDLT ecosystem. But before you think it’s only for large corporates, think again.
Cloudy Boss aims to empower everyone and is committed to being scalable and affordable, so it’s a perfect fit for any business.